Sunny Shutter: Double Divider Shutters

Shutters are not one-size-fits-all, specially for large panels in height. Most people decide to install shutters with divider rails in order to give themselves more privacy options. Similar to double-hung shutters, divided shutters can be opened at the top, for example, to let light in, while remaining closed on the bottom.


  • Divide the top louvers from the bottom louvers. They allow the louvered sections to be operated independently from one another
  • Required for large shutter panels over 66" in height
  • Both stylish and functional
  • Customized location of divider rail
  • Possible to install two divider rails on a paricually long window
  • Increase privacy options and "wall" space look

Light and privacy control

For taller windows, full height shutters are likely to include a horizontal rail dividing the top and bottom parts of the panels and allowing them to open independently and as a result, help increase light control and maximise privacy. This style that is commonly used across for standard windows or bi-folding panels.

Double Divider Shutters Gallery

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