Sunny Shutter: Café style Shutters

Café style shutters offer full privacy on the bottom portion of windows while leaving the top half clear and open to preserve your view to the outside. Ideal for washroom and showers, or any area requiring privacy and requires the strong light.


  • Half-height design allows for privacy on the bottom half and open, clear views on the upper portion
  • Great option for letting natural light in while still providing privacy in bathrooms or kitchens
  • Stylish, unique balance in light control and privacy from a single treatment solution
  • Ideal for steamy bathrooms, kitchens, and other high humidity rooms
  • Can be combined with valances to dress up the upper portion of the window for a dramatic, unique look

Maximize light coming in

Our café style shutters can be customized taller if desired, increasing privacy levels for rooms where it’s necessary. Additional curtains or blinds can not only add character, they can help with the control of light through the upper portion of the window.

Café Style Shutters Gallery

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