Sunny Shutter: Bay & Bow Windows Shutters

Sunny Shutter can easily craft beautiful shutters to fit bay windows or bow windows perfectly. Sunny Shutter gives you the option of using unframed shutters or selecting from our collection of frames that will be mitred to fit the exact angles of your bay or bow. Our state-of-the-art equipment can mitre any frame option required to fit a bay or bow window, while our T-posts will provide easy panel placement, making installation a breeze.


  • Full control of light and privacy
  • Increase your living space
  • Stylish, unique balance in light control and privacy from a single treatment solution
  • Make the room larger and provide more light with their expanded viewing area
  • Give the look and feel of a window that is gradually curving. They provide ventilation that is not obtainable with conventional windows

Shutter shapes that we customize

Bay & Bow Windows Shutters Gallery

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