Sunny Shutter: Bedroom Shutters

When it comes to bedroom window treatments, California shutter is the ideal option.

Three reasons why California shutters are better than curtains or blinds?

  • Curtains and blinds can only provide either privacy or sunlight, but shutter can make the both happen because of its ability of flexible.
  • Shutters are much more quiet and stable. Imagine that in a hot summer afternoon, with the wind blows, the curtains and especially the vertical blinds would make noise to buzz you. But not for shutters, shutters stay quiet and allow the fresh air comes in through the louvers.
  • If you have stylish and modern shape of the window, you must go for shutters because shutters are made to suit.

Is shutter suitable for children’s bedrooms?

Absolutely yes!

Most children bedroom prefer to use light, warm colour to paint like pink, yellow etc. Our shutters can do the colour match, we have variety options of colour. Children would love it!

One more key benefit of shutters is that shutters are opened and closed with a simple rod or could controlled by touching the louvers, that means there is no dangerous dangling cord to be a potential problem that would affect children’s safety.

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