Sunny Shutter: Bay Window Shutters

California shutters could improve the value of a property, if you have a street-facing bay window installed shutters, we will guarantee you will receive an “Awesome”!

If you are looking for a window treatment for your bay window that could give you privacy and maximizing the light at the same time, we would say that there’s nothing more suitable than the California Shutters for the bay window no matter you have a modern or period property. Our shutters are customized, made to measure, thus they are made to suit the window shapes, sizes and styles.

Bay Window Options

  • Full Height - The most popular and classic option by our customers. Full height panels cover the whole window. Most full height shutters will have a divider rail so you can operate the louvers above and below it independently to control the light.
  • Café Style - Only part of the windows are covered by the panels. This type of shutters is cheaper than the full height style, if you have a limited budget, this would be a great choice for you. It also offers the privacy while it could allow lots of light in.

Light and privacy control

For taller windows, full height shutters are likely to include a horizontal rail dividing the top and bottom parts of the panels and allowing them to open independently and as a result, help increase light control and maximise privacy. This style that is commonly used across for standard windows or bi-folding panels.

Bay Window Shutters Gallery

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