Sunny Shutter: Arched Window Shutters

It’s is not that easy to find the right window treatment to dress the arched windows.

Fortunately, California shutters are made to measure. Shutters could perfectly and matched accurately with the unique shape and size of your window. The other treatments like curtains or blinds will cover the original shape of window.

Features of Arched Window Shutter

Shutters on the arched window are more than just for decoration, they are also really practical. They could block out most of the sunlight because the frames are built with shape of the window with the tile of a louver.

We also have a wide variety options of colour you could choose to match the colour you want. Arched windows with stunning color could impress everyone and give the room a stylish finish.

Light and privacy control

For taller windows, full height shutters are likely to include a horizontal rail dividing the top and bottom parts of the panels and allowing them to open independently and as a result, help increase light control and maximise privacy. This style that is commonly used across for standard windows or bi-folding panels.

Arched Window Shutters Gallery

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