Meet GTA's Leading Shutter Team

In office

Clarence He - General Manager

He is the one with the gentle voice you always hear from the phone when you call our office. He reviews current work load and orders, determine urgency and priority, plan and establish work schedule and appointments.

Bob - Logistic Manager

Bob is the one resolves related logistic problems and issues including problems arising from costs, routes and schedules.

Ivy - Editor

All the pictures and articles you see from our website are edited by her. Also she makes sure every customer who has profile with us will receive the promotion email.

Tracy - Logistic Assistance

She guarantees that every customer will be followed up and replies every review that we got on each social media platform.
Surveyors and Sales
All of our surveyors will bring the samples when they do the free estimate for you, and they will give you the quote based on the measurements.

Bill Jiang

He is the head surveyors in the shutter field. He will provide the most professional shutter knowledge and recommendations for you. When he comes for the estimate, he will come to your house with the samples of our shutters and choose the best shutter for you.


Lucas has been with us for almost five years, he is now a professionalism in shutter field. Our customer likes to chat with him because of his sense of humor and his outstanding advice on choosing shutters also he does amazing job on measuring windows, so accurate!


Kelin joined our team three year ago working alongside with Bill and learning from him. Now his ability has been approved not only by our team but also by our customers. He is always so polite and thoughtful, we are so happy he joined us.


Sunny has been with us for two years, he is such a hard working guy. No matters how far the customer’s house is, he always get there on time and provide his knowledge and skills to the customer.


Though he is the latest member joined our team, he had already had lots of experience in shutter field before. That’s why he is so trustable and reliable.
We believes that we have the most efficient and best team of installers, most of them have been in the renovation field for decades. We offer the high quality service and we do our best to meet the customers’ needs. Furthermore, we are synonymous with our punctuality that we maintain realistic time lines and finish our job on time by what we promise without delays.




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