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All Sunny Shutter products are made locally in CANADA. Headquartered in Scarborough Ontario, Sunny Shutter is dedicated to providing their customers with a custom-made shutter that is manufactured with components and extrusions that meet rigorous engineering specifications. This enables us to keep a close eye on every step of the process and develop our own market-leading technology and processes, from testing and controlling the quality of the raw materials to making sure everyone involved maintains the high production standards.

The result is that the consumer receives a truly "Made in Canada" shutter of consistent high quality. To demonstrate the commitment to our customers, Sunny Shutter offers an unlimited 25-year warranty.

Shutter Manufacturing

All the log from Canada and goes through several processes like cutting and drying then pass to other further processing. All of the other raw materials are carefully sourced from well-managed forests and go through rigorous quality control checks before they are considered to be made into a shutter.

The process is fairly manual but there is also state-of-the-art accurate machinery which is gauges to tiny tolerances enabling us to make shutter panel after shutter panel to the quality we does.

We must all hone our training skills, both to build our professional capacity and exceed our customers' expectations.unlike some companies, there's no middle man or overseas supplier. This means we can ensure our very high standards are met and we can sell to you directly at consistently low prices!

Research, Development and Testing

Mandates of Sunny Shutter R&D are defined as follows:

  • Sunny R&D department looking for new track designs, new fixing methods, trying other materials to improve shutter aesthetics and client experience.
  • Sunny R&D Department will be testing takes place on hardware for corrosion and strength and also on fading UV factors.
  • Sunny R&D department will take several months of testing to take place before it is launched into the market.

Sunny Team Believe exceptional craftsmanship combined with trouble-free design and engineering equals long term performance and value.

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